I was very afraid of having spinal surgery, especially at 29 years of age. Dr. Thalgott talked to me and showed me my MRI and afterward, I knew that surgery was the right decision and I felt comfortable with him doing the procedure. My appointment to figure out if I needed surgery was on a Thursday, the following week on Friday, I was on the operating room table. He knew how much pain I was in and got me in really quick. The surgery went well with no complications. At each of my follow up appointments, he answered all of my questions and I was pleased with his level of care. The ONLY negative thing I really have to say is the wait time for the appointments. One time, I had to wait 2 hours after my scheduled appointment to see him and I had to bring my two young children with me. Thankfully, they were well behaved the whole time. I did leave to eat lunch at some point. I understand that he is a great doctor and everyone wants to see him, I just wish they would have appointments on more days rather than just Tuesdays and Thursdays. I am now 99% pain free and so happy!

By Lisa E.

I will have to endure major surgery on my lumbar spine in the near future and there is no other doctor that I would let work on me than Doctor Thalgott. I feel totally confident in the skills he has utilized all over the world!

By Gary Weber

I haven’t seen Doctor Thalgott in a number of years although I have seen a number of doctors over the last 20 years. Of all the doctors that I’ve seen I would rate Dr. Thalgott as the best, yes, some times you had to wait a while to see him, but isn’t waiting a small thing to give if he spends the time to correctly diagnosis and treat your ailments? I say yes….

By Patty Chism

Dr. Thalgott performed a decompression of the sciatic nerve and fusion of the L 4/5 on me on 6 Sep 01. Was up front and told me “no guarantees after 5 years” I lasted 7 as stenosis is a friend that doesn’t go away. I was able to come away from that procedure, retire from 36 years of federal service and was inspired by him enough, along with his urgings, to go forth in a new “retirement” career in medicine. Became a state licensed hospital pharmacy technician and surgical anesthesia technician and did what Dr. T told me to do…stay active and keep moving. Now, I must go back for a 2nd decompression and a disc implant to once again rid me of sciatic pain. Dr. T has followed me closely for the last 7 years and I am confident that the outcome of my next procedure will reap positive results and allow me to continue to work in my “retirement” career.

By Robert J. Linardo

I think Dr. Thalgott has to be one of the best Doctors I know. he is very caring, an awesome surgeon. I have had surgery 2 times due to my negligence. My biggest impression was him asking before he did surgery if I could live with the pain, my second surgery after 2 weeks already feels like a success.

By Jeargle

I have been a patient of this Great Doctor since 1998, I have had 9 surgeries from this Doctor and he will be the only one who EVER TOUCHES MY BACK, it first started out with a herniated disc. I was in the medical field and went back to work within two weeks, I felt great. The reason why I have had so many is I have Degenerative Disc Disease, so every seven months I was blowing another Disc. Even one of my patients who did not know I had back surgery, who also was suffering with a back injury, told me about this Great Doctor. I asked who and he said, “the one with the hands of God, Dr. John Thalgott”. I told him he was already my doctor. I have trusted this man with my LIFE more than 9 times and will do it again when this other disc blows. Yes you wait to see him, but it has gotten so much better with the wait time — bring a book and a snack. Obviously the staff knows me and I never have a problem.  Give them a break it is not easy working for one of the [most] sought after Physicians in Las Vegas or any other place. Dr. T., I Love You and THANK YOU for giving me the ability to walk each time I went under the knife with you, and for being able to have some memorable times with my boys.

By Dawn S.

Dr. Thalgott has excellent credentials and teaches throughout the world. He is attentive and is quick to diagnose the problem. However, his only option is surgery. Other options should be explored prior to suggesting surgery. A second opinion is always essential; however, I’d recommend this physician to my friends.

By luv2shop