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Our philosophy

Our philosophy about cervical, thoracic, and lumbar reconstruction is to choose methods which are the least invasive whenever possible.

Not all cervical or lumbar conditions can be treated with minimally invasive surgery; however the majority are. Minimally invasive surgery is much easier on the patient, it has less hospital time, less out of work time, and there are many versions of minimally invasive surgeries in all areas of the spine; however, I have concentrated on the ones that, in my hands, seem to work the best. From a practical standpoint, I view lumbar reconstructive and cervical reconstructive surgery as a way to decrease the pain, increase the functionality, and to let the patient begin to exercise.

It is the rehabilitation and exercise that restores health and functionality, sense of well being, and decreased pain that is the most successful and the most important part of cervical or lumbar surgery. It is imperative that patients become “health minded”. This means that weight loss, using a high protein diet, cardiac and pulmonary conditioning, strengthening of the extremity musculature and, most importantly, strengthening of the cord. It is important that each one of the patients postoperatively, and even preoperatively, rehabilitate themselves to the maximum possible.

Meet Dr. Thalgott

  • Fellowship Trained

    Las Vegas Spine Surgeon Dr. John Thalgott is fellowship trained in general spinal surgery, adult reconstructive spinal surgery, spinal trauma, and deformity surgery.

  • Author of Two Textbooks on Spine Surgery

    The AO Spine Manual (translated in 12 languages)

    Manual of Internal Fixation of the Spine

  • Has Trained Spinal Surgeons Throughout the World

    China, Japan, South America, Singapore, Europe, India and Pakistan.

  • Clinical Director of the International Spinal Development & Research Foundation

    The non-profit Foundation’s current research encompasses implants and instrumentation, the use of bone graft substitutes and molecules to enhance fusion, spinal cord stimulation for chronic pain, and a wide variety of minimally invasive approaches to spinal surgery.

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Client Testimonials

Helping patients return to an active lifestyle with minimally invasive surgery

Minimally invasive surgery is a much gentler way of managing surgery conditions of the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine.

Minimally Invasive Surgery Procedures

1. Microdiscectomy of the lumbar spine

2. Single level herniated discs or degenerative disc disease of the cervical spine

3. Correction of lumbar deformity which Dr. Thalgott developed

4. The minimally invasive retracting systems Dr. Thalgott developed

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Surgical Options

Here is a list of surgical options available at The Center for Diseases and Surgery of the Spine in Las Vegas, Nevada

Anterior Cervical

Anterior cervical fusion can be done at many levels or a single level. This is the most common surgery I do in the cervical...

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Posterior Cervical

Posterior cervical surgery can be either decompressions or simply taking the pressure off the nerve with or without...

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Thoracic surgery can either be through the chest or posteriorly with rod/screw systems or by removing a rib laterally...

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The Lumbar

The lumbar spine can have multiple options, posteriorly there is a laminectomy or removal of the bone and the bone spurs...

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Isthmic Lytic

For isthmic lytic spondylolisthesis it is mandatory for rod/screw systems. These are done by removing the muscle...

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The Anterior

The Anteriorly in the lumbar spine is a joint effort between vascular surgeon and spinal surgeon. The vessels and the...

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Anterior Lateral

Anterior lateral lumbar surgery is surgery through the side. This is minimally invasive. It can be done with very small incisions...

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Sacroiliac fusion of the sacroiliac joint is where the pelvis fastens to the sacrum or the spine. these joints could become painful...

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Bone graft in the years past required actually taking pieces of bone out of the iliac or your pelvis. This, unfortunately....

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